Let us help plan your next volunteer event

Want to organize a team-based volunteer opportunity for your employees?

Teams we've helped organize events for across North America

Opportunities that fits your team's size

Using our group opportunities database, you can choose from a variety of options to best fit what your team is looking for.

Off-Site Events

As a team, you will visit the physical location of one of our nonprofit partners (e.g food banks, temporary homes, whatever fits for your team's culture).

On-Site Events

Hosted at your office, your team can volunteer without traveling to a new location.

“Very interesting & informative! The coordinators were kind, helpful, and made the event run smoothly”

Anonymous volunteer @ Sheertex (Giving Day April 12th, 2023)

Virtual Events

Hosted virtually, your team of employees can make an impact from anywhere, while having great time making a difference together.

Custom Events

Keen to Give is our own nonprofit that organizes any type of volunteer activity you can think of.

(e.g; clean-ups, bike/backpack builds, & more).

Canadian Nonprofit Corporation #: 1250396-4