Let us help plan your next volunteer event

Want to organize a team-based volunteer opportunity for your employees?

Some of our nonprofit partners leading change across North America

Opportunities that fits your team's size

Using our group opportunities database, you can choose from a variety of options to best fit what your team is looking for.

Off-Site Events

As a team, you will visit the physical location of one of our nonprofit partners (e.g food banks, temporary homes, whatever fits for your team's culture).

On-Site Events

Hosted at your office, your team can volunteer without traveling to a new location.

“Very interesting & informative! The coordinators were kind, helpful, and made the event run smoothly”

Anonymous volunteer @ Sheertex (Giving Day April 12th, 2023)

Virtual Events

Hosted virtually, your team of employees can make an impact from anywhere, while having great time making a difference together.

Custom Events

Keen to Give is our own nonprofit that organizes any type of volunteer activity you can think of.

(e.g; clean-ups, bike/backpack builds, & more).

Canadian Nonprofit Corporation #: 1250396-4