About Keen to Help

Keen to Help is a non-profit social network designed to facilitate the volunteer signup process and encourage community service through social connectivity. Prospective volunteers create a profile, list their past volunteer experience, search for and apply to community service opportunities in their area. After building a profile, volunteers can connect with friends to pursue community service opportunities together and post about their experiences on the Keen to Help blog. Likewise, non-profits create organizational profiles, post community service opportunities for volunteers.


Keen to Help was born out of the realization that the current community service signup process is out-dated. On the volunteer side, many individuals don’t know where to start. It takes a lot for someone to conduct research, find the right point of contact, and initiate communication often sending an email, never to hear back. On the non-profit side, the volunteer coordinator is often overwhelmed and does not have the marketing budget to compete for ads online, relying on word of mouth to recruit volunteers.

Ultimately, the problem boils down to a lack of communication across digital channels between volunteers and community service organizations. Thus, Keen to Help was created to tackle this problem and encourage community service. Please create a profile today and help us bring the community service sector into the digital age!

Our Mission:

To build relationships between university students and their local communities by providing a seamless volunteer signup process.

Our Vision:

Bridge socioeconomic gaps across North America by making volunteering a universally accessible activity.

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